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The flat WOLFA gutters
AquaStop and AquaStop-Mini

The flat WOLFA AquaStop gutters without grating are perfectly suited for the drainage of residual or melt water in underground parking and parking decks.
The multi-channel gutter with its extremely low build of just 38 mm is also made of GFK material and therefore highly resilient. The drainage gutter is absolutely resistant to oil, petrol, de-icing salt or frost. The many strong points of GRP material are the basis to our successful AquaStop gutter system.

A system overview

With the WOLFA AquaStop and AquaStop-Mini gutter, WOLFA succeeded in developing an innovative product that convinces with its many unique features. With its new ultralow height of merely 38 cm and load capacity of up to class D 400, it sets new standards for use in underground and multi-level carparks. Neither does it matter whether the gutter is placed in an existing recess or elevated and embedded in the concrete floor. Installation in hot asphalt is possible as well.

The variable elbow piece allows gutter connection on four sides. The open sides can be closed with a gutter end guard. The detachable inspection flap allows fast and easy cleaning of the drain spout. The optional installation cover plate keeps the gutter clean during installation and protects against damage during concrete surface grinding and smoothing.

The positive characteristics of the flat gutter have been confirmed by a myriad of users worldwide. Besides its low installation height, resistance to acid and easy-to-clean feature, the flat gutters are appreciated for their convenience with regard to assembly and transport. Their water-tightness based on the DIN EN 1433 standards has already been confirmed by certification authority MFPA Leipzig GmbH.


Available sizes

 Gutter length 50 cm and 100 cm
 Installation height 3.8 cm
 Width 7.8 cm and 12 cm


Advantages that convince:

  • installation height 38 mm
  • maintenance-free - without grating
  • rattle-free
  • abrasion-proof
  • resistant to a multitude of chemicals
  • extremely high load capacity
  • frost-proof
  • easy to clean


Accessories: the AquaStop gutter can also be supplied with screwed-on sheet metal strips. This allows fast and simple fastening on the unfinished floor or - with our elevation system - at the desired height. The consignment includes an installation cover for easy and clean assembly to keep the gutter body clean during installation.

Accessories AquaStop

Metal strip mounted
Installation cover plate
Elevation for heights between 3 and 30 cm
Variable elbow piece
Intake elbow piece
Lateral gutter end guards
Drain connection ring
Drain reducer piece


Accesssories:  AquaStop Ultra (New)

Variable curved piece for the formation of bevels up to 7 degrees
Flat gutter AquaStop
Flat gutter AquaStop-Mini
Cross section AquaStop
Cross section AquaStop-Mini
Flat gutter AquaStop (concrete)
Flat gutter AquaStop (pavement)
Flat gutter AquaStop (asphalt)
Utilization example 1 - installation with gutter elevation
Utilization example 2 - installation in recess