Quality molded from experience - "Made in Germany" for over 100 years.

We were one of the first companies in Europe to process and manufacture glass-fiber reinforced plastics, setting new standards in the process. Numerous products have been successfully protected in over 50 patents and utility models in Germany and Europe. Depending on their processing and characteristics, they are used in residential construction, agriculture and industry.

To ensure that this continues to be the case in the future, qualified specialists, high-quality materials and consistent quality management ensure the best product quality and this at a good price-performance ratio.

Location germany on principle

WOLFA currently employs about 95 people. 20 of these work in organization and administration, 75 in development and production. The "Made in Germany" seal of quality applies to all WOLFA products.

The WOLFA sites are located in

  • Weikersheim-Neubronn in Baden-Württemberg (production & administration)
  • Görschen near Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt (production & distribution)
  • Schwalbach a. Taunus near Frankurt am Main (distribution)
  • Mülheim a. d. Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia (distribution)
  • In addition, there are two distribution warehouses in Germany (Berlin, Hanover).

All WOLFA products are planned, developed and manufactured at the two German production sites. Modern production facilities with areas of more than 50,000 sqm and high-performance machines ensure fast and safe production processes.
Highly qualified and experienced specialists ensure the best quality.

Our own fleet of vehicles enables reliable delivery to our customers in Germany and other European countries, where there are also further distribution warehouses.

Tradition and modern

As early as 1919, Johann Wolfarth laid the foundation for the company, which today operates throughout Europe, by founding a wainwright's workshop. At that time, ladder trucks and horse-drawn sleighs were made of wood; today, plastics are used for the processing industry, agriculture and the construction industry. After Johann Wolfarth's death, his son Friedrich took over the business and in the mid-1950s made his first experiments with resins and hardeners. In 1955, he developed the first window made of polyester resin. This was the birth of the synthetic window made of this material in Germany.

In 1970, the first frame window made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) was developed. This opened up a new market: residential construction. In 1975 the production of light wells was started and since 1990 windows and front doors made of high-quality PVC profiles have been manufactured very successfully. The first drainage channels were produced at the end of the 1980s and since then they have been continuously developed with new products, so that today an extensive product range is available for many areas of application. With the start of the own production of insulating glass at the beginning of 2000, the product variety was further extended and customer wishes can thus be implemented individually, quickly and flexibly.

Today, the family business is managed by the two sons Ulrich and Hans-Friedrich Wolfarth.

Quality management at WOLFA

WOLFA is the largest light well manufacturer in Germany. "WOLFAQuality Made in Germany" is both an honor and a daily challenge to meet the demands of customers throughout Europe.

Tested safety
-PROFI light wells have been successfully tested for pressurized water tightness by the Leipzig Materials Research and Testing Institute. In a long-term test, the PROFI series was subjected to a tightness test under extreme conditions - with outstanding results.

Two WOLFA seals of quality stand for tested quality in construction elements made of steel and plastic construction elements.

The company has adapted to the ever-changing challenges of the market. Higher quality standards for products and customer-oriented services are in demand. The employees are intensively involved in these processes. These building blocks for our consistent quality management will continue to secure the trust of customers and business partners at home and abroad in the future.

RAL certified thermal insulation - In-house certified insulating glass production.
WOLFA thermal insulation glass is produced on the latest fully automated production lines. The brand insulating glasses WOLFATherm® and WOLFA-Maxitherm® stand demonstrably for energy saving and heat protection. The insulating glass production is tested according to DIN EN 410, 673, 1279-2 and 1279-3 and certified by IFT Rosenheim.

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